Mission Statement

To create meaningful experiences with brilliant and beautifully designed games.

Our Vision

Our company strives to push the envelope on how games can promote meaningful experiences using today's technology. We seek to answer two questions when it comes to games: "What value does technology offer to game designs?", "What value does game design offer designers in the way of communicating with their players?". We hope to provide the world with many brilliant game designs as we work towards the goal of answering these questions. These games will be engaging, entertaining, and relevant to todays changing technology and means of social interaction.

Our current working title is Epic Snowday Adventure, an epic VR single player adventure where an elementary school child attempts to save Christmas by building snowmen and competing in a neighborhood-wide snowball fight! Both are expected to hit Steam by the end of the year!

Verge of Brilliance, LLC strives to create beautiful designs and brilliant gaming experiences. Whether the platform is your computer, your gaming console, or your mobile device we are building robust challenges set in vibrant environments to entertain and inspire you.

“Evie and her team at Verge of Brilliance will give you exactly what you ask for, quickly. Their sense of aesthetics and fun is blended wonderfully with their sensible, iterative work plans. You can also discuss with them, and iterate with them, until you know what you want. Verge of Brilliance is really a team of people you'll enjoy talking and working with.”

- Melanie of Molecular Jig Studios

“Verge of Brilliance is a team that delivers very creative work in a cost effective manner. They are fun to work with.”

- Tren Griffin

Our Clients

Zarrel Inc.